Department of Clinical Imaging Service (Radiology)

Department of Clinical Imaging Service (Radiology)

Our department of Clinical Imaging provides the full range of multi-modality diagnostic and Interventional radiology imaging services at international standard using variety of latest technology equipment's by committed, professional and caring staff.

The following are some examples of the cutting-edge technology that we employ:

  1. General Radiography
    • CR  – Computerized Radiography
    • DR – Digital Radiography, we have 7 digital portable x-ray machines which are used in OT, ICU and other departments.
  2. C-ARM we have 3 C-arm machines for OT and ICU Department. They are useful for imaging during procedures helping guidance of the procedure under image intensifier control thus reducing complications and procedure time.
  3. Digital Fluoroscopy
  4. Ultrasound we have total 6 machines, high end fully digital ultrasound with multiple transduces to provide full range of B-mode gray scale, Doppler diagnosis studies and ultrasound guided Intervention.
  5. CT scan, we have two advanced CT scan machines one is of 256 slices and other is 16 slices.
  6. MRI, 1.5 Tesla high performance MRI system for Trauma patients and advanced imaging including Neurology, MSK, Spectroscopy, Cardiac Imaging, Whole body DW1 MRI imaging with its connectivity to multiple modalities like CT, PET, SPECT and Angiography.
  7. Interventional Radiology uses various imaging techniques to guide the insertion of small instruments and tools through the blood vessels or body surfaces to identify and treat a medical disorder without requiring conventional surgery. This typically results in better patient comfort and shorter recovery time.

Using among the latest imaging technology, we are able to provide in-depth and accurate diagnosis. A fully digital Radiology Information System with Picture Archiving and Communication (RIS and PACS) means that your imaging study will be stored and can be accessed by your doctor. You have the flexibility of requesting for printed images, having images burned onto CD or to simply leave your data with us for safekeeping.

Urgent requests for vascular and interventional procedures outside normal operating hours are handled by the radiologist and radiographer on duty. They are supported by a team of specialized radiologists, radiographers and nurses who are on-call and can be activated to come in at any hour.

The Trauma Centre performs all the general radiography, computed tomography and ultrasound requests for inpatients and currently operates 24 hours daily including weekends and public holidays. It also provides round-the-clock operating theatre imaging services and mobile radiography and ultrasound services for those patients who cannot transport to the Imaging Department. The Department performs more than 130,000 radiological procedures annually. ​